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Nurturing Future Stars

The Goalkeeper Academy offers specialized training for aspiring goalkeepers aged 6 to 15. Our program covers essential skills such as shot-stopping, positioning, distribution, and communication. Through focused training sessions and expert coaching, we help young goalkeepers develop the confidence and ability needed to excel in this crucial position.


  • Basics of Goalkeeper Positioning: Master the fundamental positioning techniques essential for success between the posts.

  • Handling Techniques: Learn effective handling skills to confidently deal with shots on goal.

  • Shot-Stopping Drills: Hone your reflexes and agility with specialized drills designed to improve your shot-stopping abilities.

  • Crosses and High Balls: Develop the necessary techniques to command your penalty area and deal with aerial threats.


  • Footwork and Agility: Improve your mobility and quickness through targeted footwork drills.

  • Distribution from Hands: Learn to distribute the ball accurately and efficiently from various hand positions.

  • Distribution from Feet: Develop proficiency in playing out from the back and initiating attacks from the ground up.

  • Reaction Saves: Sharpen your reaction times and instincts with drills designed to simulate game-like situations.


  • Decision Making: Enhance your decision-making skills, vital for commanding your penalty area and organizing your defence.

  • Handling Crosses and Corners: Master the art of dealing with crosses and corners effectively to alleviate pressure on your team.

  • Communication with Defenders: Learn to communicate effectively with your defenders to maintain organization and cohesion at the back.

  • One-on-One Situations: Gain confidence in one-on-one situations by mastering techniques to deny opponents goal-scoring opportunities.


  • Short Passing: Develop accuracy and precision in short passing to retain possession and initiate attacks.

  • Long Passing: Expand your passing range and unlock attacking opportunities with accurate long-range distribution.

  • Playing Out from the Back: Understand the principles of playing out from the back and contribute to your team's buildup play.

  • Game Simulations: Apply your skills in realistic game scenarios to refine your decision-making and execution under pressure.

Join us today and take your goalkeeping skills to new heights!

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