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Nurturing Future Stars

Our Skill Training Sessions are designed for players between 3 and 15, suitable for every skill level. These sessions focus on developing fundamental football techniques, including dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball control. Our experienced coaches ensure each child builds a solid foundation while fostering a love for the game in a fun and supportive environment.

The Empoli Way

With over one hundred years of experience in developing young players, Empoli F.C. has honed a distinctive approach to coaching that goes beyond teaching technical and tactical skills. The Empoli way encompasses five key factors, ensuring holistic development for every player:

Style of Play

  • Principle: Dictate proceedings, keep possession of the ball, and stay calm.

  • Focus: Emphasize individual initiative and collective hard work.

Technical Ability

  • Method: Dynamic drills aimed at perfecting every technical skill.

  • Goal: Place the development of each player at the heart of every exercise.

Tactical Ability

  • Practice: Run through several detailed individual and team match situations.

  • Structure: Alternate these scenarios throughout the week for comprehensive understanding.

Style of Play

  • Training: Teach individuals to make effective decisions in match situations.

  • Development: Enhance their speed of thought to adapt to changeable tactical and technical scenarios.

Emotional and Social Factors

  • Identity: Promote values of sacrifice, bravery, and teamwork.

  • Application: Instill these values to be applied both on and off the pitch.

By integrating these five factors, Empoli Australia ensures that players not only excel in football but also grow as individuals, ready to face challenges both in sports and life.

Player Age

At Empoli Australia, training with peers of the same age group ensures exercises are developmentally appropriate, fostering physical growth, cognitive alignment, and social cohesion. Additionally, training with players of different abilities enhances skill development, and adaptability, and promotes an inclusive team spirit. This dual approach ensures our players grow both as footballers and individuals, ready to face diverse challenges on and off the pitch.

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