First Kicks - Primi Calci (Age 3-5)

10 weeks training program starting October 2022

Start when they are young... our first kicks program is tailored to:

  • keep players fit,

  • start socialising,

  • and learn key motor skills.

At this age, having fun is the number one priority therefore training will focus on playing mini-games and fun activities

The primary goals at this age are movement coordination and introduction to basic motor patterns.

You can choose to train once, twice or 3 times a week. 

Thursday @ 4 pm at Strathfield Synthetic Park
Saturday @ 8:30 am at Mason Synthetic Park
Sunday @ 8:30 am at Cooke Synthetic Park

Thursday sessions starting October the 13th
Saturday sessions starting October the 15th
Sunday sessions starting October the 16th

Contact us for the Active Kids Voucher and Siblings discount.

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