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Nurturing Future Stars

Empoli Football Academy provides unique overseas opportunities for our players to gain international experience. These programs include training camps, tournaments, and exchange programs with partner Italian academies. These experiences not only enhance football skills but also promote cultural exchange and personal growth.

The Empoli Way

Australia currently ranks 27th in the FIFA men’s rankings, while New Zealand ranks 105th. Although FIFA rankings are just one measure of a country's football health, we believe that overseas football currently offers the best opportunities to ignite passion and develop skills.

Out of the top 10 FIFA-ranked countries, 8 are in Europe and 2 are in South America. There are social, historical, and cultural reasons for this: in these countries, football is a way of life. From a young age, boys and girls live and breathe football and are exposed to it daily. The Empoli Football Academy offers Australians and New Zealanders several options to improve their game and develop further, both locally and overseas. We have built relationships with various partners to ensure we can cater to different needs.

Our Approach:

Understand player's need

  • There are no two identical players therefore there is no one-size-fits-all approach

  • Therefore we start by talking to the players and understanding their goals and objectives.

Technical Evaluation

After our first conversation, and based on the age of the players, we may request a 1:1 session to assess the players' skills.

Action Plan

  • Based on the outcome of the previous steps, we will prepare a recommendation for the player.

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