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Nurturing Future Stars

A premier regimen meticulously crafted for high-level players aspiring to shine on the field, whether you're gearing up for the next football season or already deeply entrenched in the game.


Designed to enhance key aspects crucial for success on the pitch, this program places a special emphasis on skill refinement and holistic player development.

The Empoli Way

With over one hundred years of experience in developing young players, Empoli F.C. has honed a distinctive approach to coaching that goes beyond teaching technical and tactical skills. Our PRO Evolution training features:

Foot Skills Mastery

Elevate your game with precision and finesse. Our training sessions focus on refining foot skills, ensuring that every touch, pass, and shot becomes a testament to your mastery on the field.

Fitness Excellence

Outrun, outlast, and outperform. Our program integrates a comprehensive fitness regimen, preparing you physically for the demands of competitive football and giving you the edge over opponents.

Speed and Coordination

Leave defenders in your wake with enhanced speed and coordination. Our drills are designed to sharpen your agility and synchronicity, enabling you to navigate the field with unmatched fluidity.

Tactical Awareness

Rise above the competition with heightened strategic insight. We dedicate significant training time to develop your tactical awareness, ensuring you can read the game, make intelligent decisions, and contribute strategically to your team's success.

Mental Development

Sharpen your mental acuity for peak performance. Our program places a strong emphasis on mental development, providing you with the psychological tools to stay focused, resilient, and at the top of your game, even in high-pressure situations.

When selecting players for our Italy Trip, these players will be advantaged as they would have been monitored, fostered and evaluated for a longer time.

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