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Goalkeeper - Portieri (Age 8-15)

10 weeks training program starting  Oct 2023. 


Goalkeeper training program focused on the four core goalkeeping skills of Preparing, Moving, Dealing, and Distributing can help goalkeepers improve their overall performance.


You can choose to train once or twice a week. 

Saturday @ 10:00 am at Mason Park, Homebush

Sunday @ 10:00 am at Cooke Park, Belfield

Saturday sessions starting October, 14th

Sunday sessions starting October, 15th

Contact us for the Active Kids Voucher and Siblings discount.

Select your training

The goalkeeper training will cover each aspect of the four goalkeeping core skills including:

Preparing (positioning and set-up) - Basics of Goalkeeper Positioning - Handling Techniques - Shot-Stopping Drills - Crosses and High Balls.

Moving (Footwork and Agility) - Footwork and Agility - Distribution from Hands - Distribution from Feet - Reaction Saves.

Dealing (Decision Making and Communication) - Decision Making - Handling Crosses and Corners - Communication with Defenders - One-on-One Situations.

Distributing (Passing and Building Play) - Short Passing - Long Passing - Playing Out from the Back - Game Simulations

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