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Nurturing Future Stars

Our yearly scouting trip to Italy is ideal for those players who want to immerse themself into the Italian football culture, train with Italian teams and measure against local talents. Players will be selected after an evaluation in Sydney by Empoli’s F.A. Technical Director.

This trip has proven amazing in boosting motivation, experiencing different training techniques, and potentially being seen by local scouters.

2023 Highlights

The Empoli Way

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Serie A trip to Italy! This exclusive experience offers participants the chance to immerse themselves in the heart of Italian football. Our trip focuses on intensive training with high-level Italian coaches and players, providing unparalleled opportunities to enhance your skills. We will visit multiple locations, including the renowned Centro Sportivo Monteboro, where all Empoli F.C. teams train. Participants will benefit from training sessions at this top-notch facility, gaining insights into the techniques and strategies that define Italian football. In addition to the training, you'll attend live Serie A matches, witnessing the passion and skill of top-tier teams and players firsthand. This trip is designed not only to elevate your football knowledge and abilities but also to provide a rich cultural experience in one of the world's most football-obsessed countries. Join us for this incredible opportunity to live and breathe Serie A football in Italy!


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