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For players seeking one-on-one attention, we offer Private Coaching sessions. These tailored sessions focus on specific areas of improvement, allowing for customized training plans that address individual needs and goals. Our expert coaches work closely with each player to ensure rapid and effective development.


In our private sessions, you'll benefit from one-on-one coaching in a focused and personalized environment. Our coaches will work closely with you to identify areas for improvement, set personalized goals, and devise a customized training plan designed to maximize your strengths and address any weaknesses. Through targeted drills, expert feedback, and individualized attention, you'll receive the tools and guidance needed to elevate your game to new heights.


Ready to take your game to the next level? Contact us to schedule your personalized private session and embark on a journey of accelerated growth and achievement with Empoli.

Private sessions with Empoli's coach

PriceFrom $90.00
GST Included
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