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Dream big, Dream Empoli

Tournaments are a way to put into practice what players have learned during our training sessions. They place players in real-game situations, and we can see how they apply their learned skills. Social and competitive games are fun and are a way to measure against other players.


In partnership with the Belmore Eagles, we have decided to participate in the Summer Sixes as:

  • It's organised by Football Canterbury, the same organisation that organises the regular winter season.

  • It's run by the Belmore Eagles, our partnered club which runs the regular season at Rudd Park.

  • We run a test last year with a small group and it was a fantastic experience.

  • It’s a good mix of social and competitive play which is the perfect next step for our players;

  • It's in our area! It is played on Rudd Park, a state-of-the-art field located in Belfield.


  • WHEN: Starts 10th of October 2023 till December 14th playing at least 10 games

  • WHERE: Rudd Park, Belfield

  • WHO: Beginners (6yo-7yo), Development (8yo-9yo), Skill Acquisition (10yo-12yo) and Youths (13yo-15yo).

  • COST: $290 ($140 to participate to the tournament, $150 to play with Empoli F.A.)



Check detailed information about the tournament on the Belmore F.C. website.


Register and pay to play the tournament below:


Register and pay to play the tournament on the Dribl website. Please make sure you add EMPOLI as the name of the team you want to play in.

  • When is the tournament?
    The season starts on the week of Tuesday 10th October and will finish the week of Thursday 14th December with each team playing ten games (pending wet weather).
  • Where and which days will games be played?
    Games will be played at Rudd Park on: Tuesday (mixed) night for Under 8, Under 9, Under 12, Under 13, All Age Men; Wednesday (mixed) night for Under 10, Under 11, Under 14, Under 15, Under 16, Senior Men (O35, 45, 50); Thursday Nights (females) night for Under 8 Girls, Under 9 Girls, Under 10 Girls, Under 11 Girls, Under 12 Girls, Under 13 Girls, Under 14 Girls, Under 15 Girls, Under 16 Girls, Senior Women (AA and O35).
  • How much does it cost?
    It cost $290 to participate to the tournament with Empoli Football Academy. $140: are paid directly to the Football Canterbury association and covers field and organisation costs; $150: are paid directly to Empoli Football Academy and covers coaches and organisation costs.
  • Is training included in the price
    No, training is not included. Player wishing to train will need to register to our regular training session running during the term.
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