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Serie A Experience Brochure

Serie A is the highest level of competitive football in Italy. Only the best players and teams play in that league.

Empoli is committed to scouting, fostering and give players the opportunity to be seen and prove they have what it takes to play professionally in Italy. To do that, we run local scouting trials to evaluate players abilities and offer them the opportunity to train in Italy with Empoli official teams and experience how an Italian professional player trains and lives their Serie A journey.

  • To:

    • All players between the age of 8 and 18.

  • Goal:

    • To give players the opportunity to train and play with professional football players in Italy

  • Process:

    • Players to register and secure a free 1:1 evaluation session with our Technical Director.

    • Selected players to join Empoli’s Academy top players to come to Italy and train with Empoli squad.

  • Trip to Italy: May 12th to May 24th 2022

  • Contacts:

    • General Info - Mirko Gozzo: 0481535440

    • To book your free 1:1 evaluation session leave your details below or call Bessi Canaj at 0417358676 

Book your FREE 1:1 Evaluation trial here:

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